post-being-kissed-by-a-gorgeous-brunette-gail is my favorite (✿◠‿◠)


it’s just one phone call, that’s it and you’re done

oh god why do i derive so much anxiety from calling i can’t do it


i just realized the reason tamsin’s the first to physically react to kenzi’s death (by running to her side) is because she’s been exposed to death more than bo, and more than dyson, and in a way tamsin’s been desensitized to the idea of death but it’s also terrible and heartbreaking because it’s the first time it’s mattered




Interviewer to Tegan: “You wouldn’t try to mount it?”


You could totally see how much Sara wanted to make a sexual joke. It probably took all of her self-control to stay quiet. haha

It looks like it took all her self-control. Haha!

Anonymous: thoughts on faking it??

Oh god I have so many thoughts about this show but I don’t know how to write it all out properly so I’ll just limit a few.

When I first initially watched the Faking It trailer before the premiere aired, my original reaction was that I ended up feeling worrisome on how they were going to write the show without offending anyone. Mind you they made the students in high school tolerable and accepting of everyone. In Austin, Texas, which is quite odd. However, being an Australian myself I don’t know what it’s like in American schools so I apologize if I’m wrong.

Although if you do think about it, this is a good way of sending a message in the media to the audience who watches the show - that almost every school can be like this in the future if generations are brought up to be open-minded and accepting of others in general, regardless of one’s sexual orientation, race, colour, gender, etc.

Despite my worries and being morbidly curious, I went ahead and watched the first episode. And you know what? I already fell in love with it. I think it’s safe to say that almost every queer girl can identify with one of the main characters Amy Raudenfeld, who eventually realizes her romantic feelings for her best friend Karma Ashcroft. You could see it in her body language that she’s into her best friend long before she will even come to the realization herself so it was quite predictable for us to see that, considering we’ve been in a similar situation before one way or another.

However, there were some moments that were deemed offensive in the pilot, such as pretending to be blind/gay just for the sake of gaining popularity in high school.

Faking It can be problematic in some aspects and I certainly wouldn’t defend them on any issues that they touch on. At this point, I do hope the writing gets better as the season goes on without any offense towards the audience and myself so fingers crossed. After all it’s only the first episode of the season…

2x01: Nature Under Constraint and Vexed + Cinematography


Procrasto-painting. Lost Girls.

fic: better than netflix


Karma’s bed had always been familiar territory. But right now, Amy was not so sure.



Amy never asked for any of this.

She was on Karma’s bed. The super comfy one she got after the previous one broke because they watched too many martial arts movies, ending up with the support beams that kept the mattress up split in half. This was nicer bed. A bigger bed. With a nice comforter that smelled strongly of Karma. Like the lotion she puts on before bed while they talked on the phone because apparently they can’t keep away from each other for too long.

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